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How to Make a Collage Part 2: Assembly

This is the second in a series of posts about the technical bits of my collages: where I get materials, how I assemble them, and and other tips/tricks I’ve learned along the way. To read the first post about the source materials I use, click here.
I assemble my collages on acid free mat board, the same stuff that goes behind artwork during framing. I like this surface because it is nice and sturdy, so I can lift it and prop it up while working on it without worrying about it folding or crinkling. I also like the bright white and smooth texture of mat board, it makes for a good background if there is space between hexagons. Mat board is easy to find in large sheets that I can cut to size if needed and a 32x40 inch sheet is a lot cheaper than a wood panel of that size would be. Some of the brands I have used are Crescent white mounting boards, Strathmore museum mounting board, Bainbridge Alphamat Artcare Matboards, Super Black Presentation and Mounting Board, and Crescent collag…

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